My Favorite Quotes
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 Saleh al-Mutlak - “They are innocent and have been working in the service of the Iraqi people.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “We will continue meetings until the last minute, despite their being only a few hours before the session.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “The Americans agreed, but on one condition -- that the principles of democracy should be respected.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “They were really unwise to take this decision.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “We are ... working for the liberation of our country. You won't find anyone in our group who rode into Iraq on an American tank or on a sectarian horse.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “We are ... very sad that they took this decision even though they know what will happen to this country if they pass it in this form,”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “Iraqis will vote 'yes' to the new constitution because they know if necessary they can amend some of its articles in the future, ... Terrorists will meet their final defeat in their final battle against the people of Iraq.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “If the constitution gets a 'Yes' then Iraqis who reject it will say that the results were falsified. The situation will be bad politically and the security situation might get out of control. If the constitution gets the two thirds 'No' in three provinces, sectarian tension will increase.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “I believe that there are some groups that have taken more than they deserved and want to pass the constitution quickly.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “This constitution is an evil sign upon Iraqis. We want to reach a solution, but they want to provoke us so that we pull out.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “We're worried the constitution will be rejected by the people. Large sections of the population reject some of the points being put into it.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “It gives the impression people must follow these opinions, which means clerical rule. The Shi'ite religious authority is interfering in political affairs.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “They the US should not think they will change the attitude of the Sunnis.”
 Saleh al-Mutlak - “There are some unofficial talks between friends from both sides, because if the constitution is presented in its present way and without the approval of those who opposed it then there will be a problem.”