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 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “If this government is like the last one, then Iraq will break apart.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “They're trying to influence the voters' decisions ... and serve the interests of the (Shiite-led) United Iraqi Alliance.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “The report is contradictory in certain sections. It says there were irregularities, but then says that (the Iraqi election) commission was not prepared for this kind of a job. ... It calls for the annulment of the disputed seats but does not call for re-election. At the same time, it doesn't quantify the extent of the damage caused by these irregularities.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “Boycotting the referendum is a possible option ... because we believe that participating in the voting might be a useless act.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “I call on Iraqis to express their opinions in the referendum without using the means of violence.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “We want you to express your point of view but without violence.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “The elections were faked. The Iraqi is devastated. He knows his vote is worthless.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “No one has the right to explain things they way he likes, ... There should be one interpretation for the word 'voter,' or else we will appeal over the referendum and its results.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “The people were shocked to find out that their vote is worthless because of the major fraud that takes place in Iraq.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “The situation is getting worse, and people are losing hope. That despair stokes violence.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “We gave them our demands, but they did not make any progress,”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “With this result, the Sunni Arabs will be able to defeat the constitution, if there is honesty and an international supervision on the process. I am sure if there is honesty, 95 percent of Sunni Arabs will vote no.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “The aim of this move is to pass the constitution and impose it on everybody regardless of their opinions.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “There is no need for a referendum this constitution is for the (Shiite) coalition and the Kurds only,”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “This will make it impossible for residents of the Iraq's few mostly Sunni provinces to bring down the constitution. The aim of this move is to pass the constitution and to impose it on everybody regardless of their opinions.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “If the constitution is not changed, then we will try to bring it down either before the referendum through the law by filing a suit in international or local courts, if we can, challenging the legitimacy of this constitution and the National Assembly.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “We don't want to wage a war against anybody, but we say this draft has written in away that will divide and tear apart Iraq. This constitution was written in a hurry and also passed in a hurry.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “We are outside all of the negotiations these two days. They want to pass the constitution without us.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “I expect that the constitution would be finished before Monday.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “Americans are more concerned about the sacred deadlines rather than the contents of the constitution.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “I expect that the constitution would be finished before Monday. Negotiations are still under way and everybody is determined to finish it before the deadline.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “If they do not accept key amendments to the country's new constitution, including the regions issue, then let them work alone and divide the country, as for us we do not accept this.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “We want a constitution that the people will accept and have a greater possibility that the voters will say 'yes' to.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “There is no transparency there ... they want this constitution to pass despite the will of the people.”
 Saleh al-Mutlaq - “This constitution is full of land mines that would explode on Iraqis. This constitution will divide the country.”

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