My Favorite Quotes
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 Al Stewart - “there are certain cities here where I've always done well. The coasts are really good for me. The Midwest gets difficult. And I can't even get arrested in Dallas.”
 Al Stewart - “She's got the whole game. She usually drew the main offensive threat on the other team, and that defensive intensity was her trademark. She's not a flashy player, but she does a lot of good things.”
 Al Stewart - “I was hurting so bad. When that (official) threw his hand up (for the foul), I just about broke down.”
 Al Stewart - “Hunters looking for the greatest hunting flexibility should consider Hunt No. 234, which includes all open areas except public lands, in Unit ZZ (southern Michigan).”
 Al Stewart - “Louis Armstrong playing trumpet on the Judgment Day.”
 Al Stewart - “Looking so cool, his greed is hard to conceal, he's fresh out of law school, you gave him a license to steal.”
 Al Stewart - “Whoever you pretend to be, you must face yourself eventually.”
 Al Stewart - “Nothing that's forced can ever be right, if it doesn't come naturally, leave it.”
 Al Stewart - “Jimi Hendrix played loud and free, Sergeant Pepper was real to me.”
 Al Stewart - “Team Macon continues to be upbeat. And we're doing our part to ensure the success of the C-17 program because it's the right airplane at the right time.”
 Al Stewart - “Every time I got around one guy, the next one was coming.”
 Al Stewart - “You reach out your hand, but you're all alone, in those time passages.”
 Al Stewart - “She doesn't give you time for questions as she locks up your arms in hers. And you follow till your sense of direction completely disappears.”
 Al Stewart - “The evening sings in a voice of amber, the dawn is surely coming.”
 Al Stewart - “To this day, I've never had a hit in England. Year of the Cat was a hit everywhere in the world except England.”
 Al Stewart - “The current hunting regulations are established to maximize hunting opportunity while maintaining high quality hunting experiences. We are able to expand hunting opportunities based on the success of Michigan's wild turkey restoration program.”
 Al Stewart - “She had big parts in both of those wins. She plays tough every night and plays tough consistently through the whole game. You don't see kids put in that effort as consistently these days.”
 Al Stewart - “We measure our days out in steps of uncertainty not turning to see how far we've come. And peer down the highway from here to eternity and reach out for love on the run.”
 Al Stewart - “We've lost four or five games by a point or two. Tonight we controlled the play more at the ends of quarters and used the clock better. This was a great game.”
 Al Stewart - “Look to the past and remember no empire rises that sooner or later won't fall.”
 Al Stewart - “I was pleased with our patience and discipline on offense. Montpelier is quick and physical, but we held our own on the boards.”
 Al Stewart - “I thought Morgan pitched well, I thought their kid pitched well. I thought the defense for both teams was good and that both teams hit well. Holly saved us with that crusher as long as I've seen it in a long time. I expect big things from her.”
 Al Stewart - “Sweet wasn't overpowering, but she changed speed well and they played good defense behind her. It was a very good game, back and forth. They have a very solid team, and we can correct our errors. All of our errors were in the last tree innings.”
 Al Stewart - “(Moss) got his rhythm going, and his confidence went over 100 percent. That's what good players do. They shoot until they make them.”
 Al Stewart - “She comes out of the sun in a silk dress, running like a water color in the rain.”