My Favorite Quotes
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 Shaquille O'Neal - “The Miami Heat has the best fans. (President) Pat Riley put together the right team. It's our job to give them a good show.”
 Shaquille O'Neal - “Not at all, because if he's open I'm going to give it to him, and if I'm open I expect him to give it to me,”
 Shaquille O'Neal - “It's good that the proceeds go to where they go, but we have great fan support here, so we just want to give them a good show. Of course, it's not the Finals, so we're not going to go one million percent, but we might go 850,000 percent.”
 Shaquille O'Neal - “I don't give a darn if we go down 50. There's a never a point where we're out of it, because I know anything can happen. I've been around too long and seen stuff happen.”
 Shaquille O'Neal - “I just told Coach, 'Give me the ball and let me get my guys involved.”
 Anthony Beal - “For one to expect or ask things of others that he himself, if asked, would not be willing to do or give, is the worst kind of arrogance.”
 Scott Segal - “Just because you are a big landowner doesn't give you the right to dump your garbage on the little landowner.”
 Eleanor Smeal - “I think that essentially that this hue and cry that she isn't qualified, there's a sexist basis to it. Does she have the mental capacity Give me a break. Would they say that about a man I don't think they would.”
 Carmel Seal - “The girls played hard. We didn't win, but they didn't give up.”
 John Neal - “When a team averages 59 points a game, and we give up 91, it's unacceptable. We've got to stop them. We had a lot riding on this game.”
 Kundan Aryal - “We hope that the Maoists will give high priority to civilians' security while waging war against the state.”
 Jim O'Neal - “They're hungry for information. As an industry, and as a specific carrier, I need to give my shippers that information, too.”
 Smoke Laval - “That's the best thing about it. We came up with the hits when we needed them. Now, maybe that will give us some momentum.”
 Hilly Kristal - “A year ago, BRC came to me and said, 'If we give you a lease, we're going to double your rent, at least,”
 Jane Rosenthal - “The festival was basically created eight months after September 11 and it was to give our neighborhood something to look forward to and to help the renewal, and to do that you need to laugh.”
 John Netwal - “We wanted to see if there was some way we could come in and improve this locker room space, (and) give the girls more locker room space, larger restrooms and shower areas, more team meeting areas (and) coaches' offices.”
 Philippe Val - “This is an inviolable question of principle here in the land of Voltaire and Zola. We are willing to appear before the courts if some think the drawings go too far, but we are certainly not willing to give way to the desires of religious extremists.”
 Jermaine O'Neal - “It's very difficult. We're not able to give our best shot because, obviously, we don't have our best team out there.”
 Allama Iqbal - “What avails love when life is so ephemeralWhat avaiIs a mortals love for the immortalLove that is snuffed out by deaths passing blastLove without the pain, the passion that consumesA flickering spark I am, aglow for a fleeting glanceFlow vain for a flickering spark to chase an eternal flameGrant me the bliss of eternal life, O Lord,And mine will be the ecstasy of eternal love.Give me the pleasure of an everlasting painAn agony that lacerates my soul for ever.”
 Blaise Pascal - “Instead of complaining that God had hidden Himself, you will give Him thanks for not having revealed so much of Himself and you will also give Him thanks for not having revealed Himself to haughty sages, unworthy to know so holy a God.”
 Jermaine O'Neal - “I think it's all on us as far as how we approach the games. If we approach the games the way we did the last few games of the season, we'll give ourselves a shot.”
 Eric Staal - “I got a head of steam going when I picked his pass off and went the other way, ... It was just nice to get a win and get a couple of goals.”
 Dave O'Neal - “We felt if we focused on breaking school records, that will lead to our improvement in the meets. It's been successful. The kids have been using them as goals. A lot of them are newer, so they're very attainable goals to set out to break a school record.”
 Rafael Nadal - “It's something special to be in a Masters Series final, indoors and especially if it's Madrid, which was one of my goals this year,”
 Vinny Prospal - “Roberto is a great goaltender, but on the other hand nobody is going to stop every shot. I think we had more than our share of great opportunities to score enough goals to win.”

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