My Favorite Quotes
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 Caroline DeWaal - “For the industry to step up like this and start the testing program is a very important improvement. But it's critical that USDA ensure that all chicken producers are complying with the same requirements.”
 Leendert Staal - “We see the potential for a production vehicle with tremendous flexibility, which is a real alternative to Chinese hamster ovaries, the current industry standard. We have set ourselves a target of 25 of all new proteins and monoclonal antibodies. For anything in development and reaching the market between 2015 and 2020, we want 25 of the production platform to be PER.C6.”
 Jane Rosenthal - “We have diverse cultures and diverse audiences coming to see films. We are working hard not to repeat ourselves and to have the festival be something that the audiences and the industry feel belongs to them.”
 Jim Sinegal - “I think the industry is trying to make certain that they are as clean and as safe as they can possibly be. Everyone realizes that perfection is not possiblewe're all fallible.”
 Barclays Capital - “Much of gold's recent rally has been supported by positive investor sentiment in light of rising oil prices, inflation concerns and geopolitical volatility, and we do not expect these supportive macro-factors to dissipate in the near term.”
 Brett Beal - “But in reality, in the long term, it does become a destructive influence in lives as it begins to consume more and more.”
 Manzoor Mughal - “We are trying to get information about that person who parked the explosive-laden car outside KFC. We are also trying to trace the owner of the car.”
 Rick Segal - “Most of the productivity online is coming from SMB owners using information technology through which they're gaining utilities that previously would have taken generations to capitalize on.”
 Kamal - “We studied this information very well,”
 Florian Westphal - “The dialogue continues on the question. We would like to obtain information and access to them.”
 Rafael Nadal - “I've not played for months because of an ankle injury, so the doctors advised me not to take any chances.”
 Jermaine O'Neal - “The severity of it was pretty bad, but I'm right on pace for where I need to be. Obviously, I haven't played in six weeks. ... It's been pretty tough trying to get back in shape. But as for the injury, I'm moving pretty well.”
 David Segal - “This is a gross injustice. Boca Raton is one of the best-run cities in Florida and yet our mayor and council members are the lowest-paid in the region. We should put this issue on the ballot because this is the right thing to do.”
 David Segal - “The level of compensation hasn't been changed since 1984. Of the 15 nearest cities, our mayor and council are paid the least. That is a gross injustice.”
 Blaise Pascal - “Despite the sight of all the miseries which affect us and hold us by the throat we have an irrepressible instinct which bears us up”
 Chris Neal - “The ultimate downside for consumers is they're paying more for their auto insurance than they need to.”
 Richard Blumenthal - “I was reminded all over again of how powerful and passionate he was in his beliefs about integrity and public service, and how deeply inspiring he was to people who he came into contact with him as I did,”
 Blaise Pascal - “Perfect clarity would profit the intellect but damage the will”
 Larry Neal - “Pete is intense and intelligent.”
 Maya Elhalal - “True, long term interest in a subject, is the best form of market research.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “We are a good school. We're going to advertise the job and I anticipate getting a lot of interest.”
 Richard Blumenthal - “The process is fundamentally flawed and must be reformed, and we need real independence and objectivity, protection against improper influences, ... I'm doing what I think is right and what best serves the interest of Connecticut citizens.”
 Richard Blumenthal - “They wanted a global settlement. The damages are very difficult to quantify. The public interest is vindicated not only by the money received but also the by the result of the criminal case.”
 John Harral - “Instead of losing jobs, Mississippi is gaining jobs. We are also seeing tremendous interest from companies that have never had any presence in Mississippi but have now committed to investing in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”
 Barclays Capital - “Given the overall positive sentiment and an apparent lack of interest to short the marker aggressively, we see further room on the upside.”

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