My Favorite Quotes
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 Karen Albanese - “Our bats stayed alive today and we got the little hits when we needed them.”
 Bob Albanese - “Percentage-wise, it's not that much. We've always been lucky to keep it under 3 percent.”
 Brett Albanese - “There are a lot of species that have not been seen in the last 10 or 15 years.”
 Bob Albanese - “It seems there are never enough left-handed desks. I have worked here for 30 years and the shortage of left-handed desks has not been a problem before.”
 Karen Albanese - “I give them each a different quote about about winning, confidence, motivation, stuff like that.”
 Karen Albanese - “They're still young, but you can really see the difference a year of experience under their belts can make. The whole team is really stepping up and you can see a lot of confidence in each and every one of them.”
 Brett Albanese - “I think there's going to be a lot of changes. We've been building a database and we now have a much better picture of species distribution throughout the state.”
 Karen Albanese - “We just didn't hit well today. It's a big disappointment, but we still have a shot.”
 Brett Albanese - “The information is used by conservation groups and other agencies to set priorities for funding and research.”
 Bob Albanese - “It would take years to rehabilitate all of the large lecture classes. We simply do not have the funding from the government.”
 Brett Albanese - “(Nationally), species such as the bald eagle have made a comeback because of targeted efforts. But unlike the federal program, Georgia does not have an individual recovery plan for each protected species.”