My Favorite Quotes
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 Carlos Alberto - “Sven-Goran Eriksson is a good man, he should teach him Michael Owen to respect everyone. Who is he anyway Who is he”
 Karen D'Alberto - “I think she's doing a really good job. I think she understands the situation. The way she's come out in the spring, getting us ready for the season, I'm really excited about it. She's done it right, she really has.”
 Carlos Alberto - “I have a history in football but what is the history of this guy, this midget Michael Owen He ought to clean his tongue and wash the boots of David Beckham as they are so wet tonight.”
 Carlos Alberto - “They will come for a victory and they will come to play football, not volleyball like Northern Ireland.”
 Norah Alberto - “We were a little nervous. By 1030 a.m. people were lined up down the block. We're just trying to fit as many people as we can.”
 Carlos Alberto - “We are sad and worried with what has been happening. People need to go to the stadium only to cheer for their clubs, to enjoy the (matches).”
 Carlos Alberto - “That hurts the people. How many Cubans are there in Miami It's good that they can come back here and share with us.”
 Carlos Alberto - “This man - what's his name - the number 10, the small one who doesn't play in the Real Madrid first team - said that if Poland beat Azerbaijan 8-0, England should score at least eight and he'd score five of them.”
 Carlos Alberto - “What's his name, the number 10, the small one who doesn't play in the Real Madrid first team. This midget who thinks he's a king, I refuse to talk about him any more.”
 Karen D'Alberto - “You know what's funny is, even in the condition she was in at the end of last year, when I think of her in my mind, I see her as this jumping third-base coach. Every time I think of her, I picture her as lively as can be. I don't ever think of the way I last saw her.”
 Carlos Alberto - “I would have liked to have 12 points but we must learn our lessons. I don't think England are the best team in Europe but they are one of the best with three young forwards and a good defense.”
 Karen D'Alberto - “Thirty minutes staring at my computer screen . . . just mourning, still. And now the more and more we get closer to the season, it's becoming a little bit more emotional.”
 Norah Alberto - “All women carry differently and, in some cases, a woman's bust size can change slightly from day to day. Our new Flex-to-Fit technology offers a great solution. The inner cup release allows our full-support bras to adjust perfectly to a woman's body, providing exactly what women with fuller busts desire most - the perfect amount of support, shaping and coverage for her”