My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Alberts - “I've felt better with the way I was just getting the puck up ice, playing smart defensively and playing well on the PK (penalty kill). I'm just trying to carry that into these last games of the season here.”
 Scott Alberts - “They thought it was the flu, but it lasted too long. That's why he wanted to go home.”
 Scott Alberts - “If you're really sick, we can work it out.”
 Bruce Alberts - “In the last ten years we have come to realize humans are more like worms than we ever imagined.”
 Bruce Alberts - “The good news, by and large, is that science has prospered.”
 Bruce Alberts - “This kind of give-and-take lies at the heart of scientific progress and is precisely why scientific analyses are made available in the open literature.”
 Andrew Alberts - “They gave me an opportunity to play. It helped me grow as a player, every year I played there.”
 Andrew Alberts - “That's my goal. I'd love to have that happen. If things fall into the right place and I work hard, maybe it will happen. I'm just going to work hard and do the same things that got me here. Hopefully that's enough. I hope they like the way I play and I can get a spot.”
 Bruce Alberts - “For a grown man with a fully developed personality, try as you might, it's hard to start acting like a different person.”
 Bruce Alberts - “It's very hard for adults to change their personality, and Harvard needs a personality who can get all the faculty and schools to work together for the good of the university.”
 Andrew Alberts - “It helped out a lot that I was in Providence. I got to know some guys, the coaches, and the style of play. That makes it a lot easier than it is for some of the younger guys coming out of college or junior.”
 Andrew Alberts - “It's different in college. You're playing smaller guys who are a little bit harder to hit, but out here in the NHL it seems like some guys don't expect it sometimes, so I get those shots in when I can. It differs from team to team.”
 Andrew Alberts - “That's the way I play. I played that way in college.”
 Scott Alberts - “That's the kind of skill that you want in a president. It also gives the candidate a chance to talk about their plans.”
 Andrew Alberts - “It was definitely a goal of mine. It was a long training camp and it was a long rookie camp to go through as well. It's been a long time coming but I'm glad I have the opportunity to maybe play.”
 Andrew Alberts - “With me being a big guy and a physical presence out there, that's what I need to do lay the body, have some big hits, play strong defense and, when you need to fight and the opportunity arises, go at it.”
 Scott Alberts - “The vice president did pretty much what the speaker does now. If they're that awesome, they should be leading a committee. That's where all the action is.”