My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Albertson - “There's been a lot of interest in the subject, ... It certainly is an issue right now.”
 Harold Albertson - “I didn't expect Taylor to get into the sixth. I thought we would get three or four innings out of him, but he was cruising for a while.”
 Harold Albertson - “It was ugly. That may be one of the worst games Danville High School has played in a long time.”
 Harold Albertson - “That kid came out of no where to make that play on the passed ball. I thought Taylor could score on that. On the relay throw, they needed a perfect one to throw him out and they made the play. You have to force the other team to make that play.”
 Harold Albertson - “That ball to the outfield (Russell's triple) was the first real hard hit ball Taylor gave up. He just lost it in the sixth and we had to make a change. Matt just wasn't comfortable on the mound, so we went to Bob.”
 Chris Albertson - “We triage the community as we go through -- situations that we can respond to, situations we need to let go,”
 Chris Albertson - “You go where you would normally go in your place of business,”