My Favorite Quotes
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 Arthur Albiero - “It's an incredibly inviting place to be. It's comfortable, clean, new, vibrant, and bright. At Crawford it was hard for us to develop a home. It was more of a place we went to practice and then got out of there. I really appreciate that my office is right here. It makes a big difference. We can train long course, which is really a big plus. We have a nice locker room. It has been great for the team. They feel like big-time athletes.”
 Arthur Albiero - “I can honestly say that we've had the best year that we have ever had here in my tenure. We've performed very well throughout the year. Men and women, both sides, have really swum at a whole different level.”
 Arthur Albiero - “It's a big difference from Conference USA. Not only is it competitive, but it is extremely deep.”
 Arthur Albiero - “Individuals actually qualify independently to the NCAA championship. We have a number of individuals that I think have a great opportunity in their hands to try to achieve that, which is a huge accomplishment in swimming.”