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 Jane Albright - “It wasn't a pretty win. It was probably more of the kind of win we needed for a team that has been struggling the last few games for an identity. I think we found it tonight.”
 Madeline Albright - “we cannot give in to terror.”
 Chris Albright - “When you come back from injuries like this the actual injury is fine - it's just nagging soreness coming back. I'm feeling good and close to 100 percent. If we feel that I'm ready, I'm going to go and give as much as I can. Hopefully that's the case.”
 Chris Albright - “In the first place, we have to stop giving up so many fouls. But we have to be tougher on our marking. We can't be pushed around, we have to get that first punch in and we have to grab and hold. If they call a penalty so be it, but we have stop giving up goals on free kicks.”
 Eric Albright - “It was good to get them under our belt. North Carolina wasn't really a close match. We owed them a little revenge there because we lost to them earlier in the year, so it was a big win.”
 Madeline Albright - “possible attempt by Belgrade to oust his government.”
 Madeline Albright - “But we also know that if countries demand unrealistic and premature measures, they will harm the NPT and set back everyone's cause,”
 Chris Albright - “Saragosa brings a level of bite to the midfield. He's got athletic moves, has heart and works hard.”
 Madeline Albright - “I can only hope that my heels can fill your shoes.”
 Madeline Albright - “I hope very much the Serbs will see it in their interest also to sign on,”
 Madeline Albright - “There are indications that it will not happen on schedule but we hope very much that it would be as close to on schedule as possible, ... I think that it's important for the Israelis to move forward on the deployment.”
 Madeline Albright - “The hope is that (Netanyahu and Arafat) will reconnect,”
 Madeline Albright - “I don't think we should be pushing Americans to break the law, ... I do think that it is a dangerous place, but I do not believe it should be illegal for Americans to go there.”
 Madeline Albright - “now realized the importance of the U.N.”
 Madeline Albright - “It is impossible for us to negotiate while he builds up his forces, attacks civilians and torches villages in Kosovo,”
 Madeline Albright - “Security is an inherent, inextricable and indispensable component of all our jobs,”
 David Albright - “That's what we think is new, that you could go buy some centrifuge design information through the Indian procurement system.”
 David Albright - “What we did see is that when we compared this information on the high explosives, to the Internet, that these are much more polished, ... That they really did work with these formulas, tested these formulas, and developed a procedure of making these high explosives that led to effective high explosives in a safe manner.”
 David Albright - “It's a very dangerous game that Iraq plays if it chooses not to comply. The methods are very powerful that can be deployed by inspectors, particularly if they're backed up by information from intelligence agencies.”
 David Albright - “You could go buy some centrifuge design information through the Indian procurement system. It's a very irresponsible way to handle sensitive information.”
 Madeline Albright - “He's someone who has a very good relationship with the Kosovar Albanians, and he has taken a great personal interest in this subject,”
 Madeline Albright - “We think there has to be some kind of international presence,”
 Madeline Albright - “We respect Boutros-Ghali as an international leader,”
 Madeline Albright - “We agree that the killing must be fully investigated and those responsible brought to justice,”
 David Albright - “Full economic sanctions almost work too well. They kill a lot of civilians, and nobody wants that.”

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