My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Albury - “A lot of the players that will start this season were the practice players last year. They were very instrumental in what was accomplished last season and now is their time to shine.”
 Kevin Albury - “It's going to take us three or four weeks to learn how to play under pressure. Even if you have to wait till the last few minutes if you keep passing it around and don't give it away to easily then things will finally open up. When you start to relax and keep possession and wait for your opportunities goals will come.”
 Kevin Albury - “The frustration here was with the wind at your back and with eight players bunkering in it was really hard for us to break them down. That was when our composure needed to show.”
 Kevin Albury - “They were very dangerous on counterattacks all night.”
 Kevin Albury - “There is always going to be competition to be better. Last year's team was senior-driven, this year we have the numbers with 20 seniors and many underclassmen that are going to play key roles.”
 Kevin Albury - “It's all about chemistry. Our chemistry is starting to build. We are beginning to find out what is going to suit this team.”
 Kevin Albury - “They have big shoes to fill. As the defending state champions there are a lot of expectations on them. Defending the state title is not our focus. We want to develop chemistry, play well as a team and learn to compete. All that is going to prepare us for the toughest district in the state of Texas.”