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 Lenny Alcivar - “Lynn Swann respects the historic legacy of labor in Pennsylvania.”
 Lenny Alcivar - “He has said to the senator he disagrees with him. He believes he's going to be a good ally in the Senate to enact the kind of property tax relief that has eluded this governor for four years.”
 Leonardo Alcivar - “We'll let the voters make the determination about the impact of this. It's unlikely he'll eat into our base. Lynn Swann is Western Pennsylvania.”
 Leonardo Alcivar - “It speaks to the fact that today's Democratic Party is so out of the mainstream, it has moved so far left, that a senator who just 12 years ago supported a then-centrist Democrat -- Bill Clinton -- is unable to support today's Democratic nominee. It also speaks to the strength of the president.”
 Lenny Alcivar - “I think that would have been a fair criticism that would have had more weight if it came a month ago.”
 Leonardo Alcivar - “The lieutenant governor is a man of his word. He will fulfill his commitment to deliver a memo on the subject, and it would be disappointing for anyone to play politics on this issue.”
 Leonardo Alcivar - “We certainly welcome anyone into this race, but the frank reality is when it comes to changing Pennsylvania, Lynn Swann is the clear choice today and will be in November.”
 Lenny Alcivar - “Lynn Swann respects the historic legacy of labor in Pennsylvania. Our message is simple roll back the Rendell tax hikes, help families place their children in better-performing schools, and focus on programs to bring higher-paying jobs to Pennsylvania and put Pennsylvania back on the right track.”