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 Ivo Daalder - “One of the remarkable things about Macedonia is that it is the only republic that has emerged out of Yugoslavia in which there is a multi-ethnic government.”
 Kieran Calder - “The stock market likes growth, so chasing undeveloped markets makes perfect sense.”
 Kyle Calder - “You never think you can lose that many in a row, but it sure adds up in a hurry.”
 Franz Halder - “The left-wing, which consists of armoured and motorized forces and has no enemy in front of it, will be stopped dead in its tracks upon direct order from the Fuhrer.”
 Alexander Calder - “To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there's no such thing as perfect.”
 Ian Somerhalder - “You can't get anywhere without the people who have come into your life.”
 Ian Somerhalder - “I kind of think too much, I try do too many things at once.”
 Ian Somerhalder - “I have a million acquaintances but just two or three true friends. I can't hide anything from them.”
 Ian Somerhalder - “To explore different parts of yourself and different emotional lives... not to hide from who you are but to actually explore who you are.”
 Kyle Calder - “It's been a long time since we won two games in a row and it's a huge bonus for a lot of guys in here. It's a losing season, but we have to take as many positives as we can out of it.”
 Kyle Calder - “It's the time you want to be on the ice. I talked to Mark before the draw and told him that, if I get the puck in the corner, he should go to the far post. We got rewarded.”
 Franz Halder - “Bad weather has grounded the Luffwaffe and now we must stand by and watch countless thousands of the enemy getting away to England under our noses.”
 Ivo Daalder - “The way in which the leak investigation is being pursued is becoming a symbol of who was right and who was wrong about the war.”
 Ivo Daalder - “The possibility of Libby being indicted, and the whole Cheney angle, ... is all about proving in some sense that they were wrong and therefore that we who opposed the war and never thought the intelligence was right have been proven correct.”
 Kyle Calder - “It was a mind game for a lot of us. They're a tremendous hockey team, and they had had our number.”
 Ivo Daalder - “The overt message is that preventing nuclear proliferation is important.”
 Ivo Daalder - “The easiest way for Milosevic to have a face-saving way to change his mind is for the Russians to be the messenger, for the Russians to say, 'We're willing to participate in this force, and therefore we will guarantee to you that this force is going to be neutral,'”
 Ivo Daalder - “I think she's proving the adage that where you stand depends on where you sit. It's moved her to a situation where the only tools are talk and travel. She can't send military in. Her role now is to talk and to travel, and she's doing it reasonably well.”
 Ivo Daalder - “He has become a symbol of our inability to solve the problems in the Balkans. We would like to get rid of him but at the same time we are not willing to take the kind of military and other measures it probably would take to get rid of him.”
 Ivo Daalder - “The trust Europeans, and the rest of the world in general, had placed in America's foreign policy is gone. And it is the lack of trust that now marks relations between the US and Europe.”
 Ivo Daalder - “In some notable ways, the new strategy document represents a return to the foreign policy of Bill Clinton.”
 Kyle Calder - “It's been frustrating. We need to turn those points into wins. We'd be in a different situation if we had taken 15-20 points out of those games. They're huge. We would have been in the hunt for the playoffs. We've got to learn from it, put the past behind us and drive forward.”
 Kyle Calder - “Keith made a great fake on his shot. I was sitting back door, hoping he'd see me -- and he did.”
 Ivo Daalder - “Clearly, people like me who believe that ground forces are necessary in order to win the air war have been proven wrong. At the same time, I remain convinced that if we had done what I think we should have done, which is to deploy ground forces from day one in order to keep open the possibility of going in on the ground, we would have probably gotten this result a lot sooner and probably at less cost.”
 Kyle Calder - “It feels good to be on the other end of the stick. We can go into Detroit with a little more confidence. They're playing great, they're a solid team and they've had our number all year. We've got to accept the challenge.”

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