My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Alderete - “There are tracts of land that are going to be annexed by the city and are going to be developed by developers that we don't have mitigation agreements with. Part of our job is to continue to get agreements with all of those developers.”
 Paul Alderete - “I'm pretty excited about this because there's a political process that determines a whole lot of things. Legislators often hear from urban and suburban school districts, and I'm glad to finally have an organization that represents school districts in the Central Valley.”
 Paul Alderete - “We don't know the number of students for next year, but when we do, we'll determine if more portables are needed at each school. We will create campus maps with all potential future portable sites. We'll then bring ideas by the board so that they can see what the plan is.”
 Paul Alderete - “I really do appreciate the efforts of all the committee members. It's the kind of thing where if there was a simple solution to all of this, we would have arrived at it a long time ago.”
 Paul Alderete - “We're planning on taking the next three or four months to explore all of the options. Possibly those options can change, but the committee has done a lot of work and this is where we are at.”