My Favorite Quotes
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 Nancy Alderman - “That's one of the easiest things you can do, and it doesn't cost anything. We don't think most people understand that vehicle exhaust components are carcinogenic. Too many people stand in back of their station wagons loading the back while the cars are actually on. We hope that by learning that these emissions are harmful to people's health, they will change some of those habits.”
 Jason Alderman - “We are hoping this is real wake-up call so people can start getting ready for the colder weather.”
 Jason Alderman - “This is really like a lab experiment in the real world. This is an attempt to understand how hydrogen-power vehicles refuel and work.”
 Nancy Alderman - “It has been such an important tool. For ordinary people, for the government, for everyone.”
 Nancy Alderman - “The only hope is that people are learning. We want to see pesticides used like antibiotics. We cannot put the whole nation on antibiotics fearing that people will one day get sick.”
 Nancy Alderman - “One person comes in the morning and starts all the buses in a lot, and they idle until the drivers arrive. That can take an hour. These depots should never be in residential areas.”
 Jason Alderman - “Until divers go down and actually examine the rigs and engineers can make estimates on the repair times, we just won't know.”
 Jason Alderman - “Cleaner air has been a pretty clear directive from our elected leaders and our customers. We know that our car-crazed culture contributes to air pollution in a big way.”
 Jason Alderman - “Prices are going to be very volatile. Our natural gas immune system has been compromised, so to speak. When it gets very cold in New England, we're going to see a much higher price spike in California than we might have without Katrina.”