My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Aldredge - “My heart is in the theater, of course,”
 Tom Aldredge - “We very early on decided I'm not going to play Arthur Laurents I couldn't if I wanted to, ... I've been aware of the stature of this man for a long time, and to work with him now is, of course, a joy.”
 Tom Aldredge - “I've been married for 52 years, ... I realize it more as the years go on that's all that's important. Everything else I can work around, I can sacrifice. But that relationship matters.”
 Tom Aldredge - “David is divine, ... He's a master at examining and taking apart a script and putting it back together. He so loves the craft, and he's so positive and encouraging. This is a rarity, this theater... It's a family.”
 Tom Aldredge - “It's a wonderful film about a writer who is obsessed with his love for the Boston Red Sox, ... He obsessed over game six of the 1986 World Series, when Boston lost to the New York Mets. When we finished the movie, Boston had won the World Series... History caught up with it.”