My Favorite Quotes
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 Eugenio Aleman - “Today's labor report could not have been more disheartening to those who thought the Fed had ended its monetary tightening. There is no possibility for the Fed to stop at the current 4.5 percent.”
 Eugenio Aleman - “This doesn't mean that it will remain so strong in the next couple of quarters, but the Federal Reserve cannot sit down and look and wait, because whatever they do today, it takes effect in six to 12 months.”
 Harry Aleman - “What did he do wrong . . . Did you break some law, or did you rub some people the wrong way”
 Harry Aleman - “I miss reading . . . how I'm situated, you can't read, you just can't, it's not conducive to reading.”
 Eugenio Aleman - “Once the market realizes there is no real threat of an immediate conflict, the market will calm down and we will see oil prices back in the 50s or 60s per barrel. This is highly political.”
 Eugenio Aleman - “Wages are 70 percent of the cost of production. That puts pressure on the cost structure of business, and the propensity is to increase consumer prices.”