My Favorite Quotes
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 Alexander III 'the Great' - “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”
 Alexander III 'the Great' - “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”
 Alexander III 'the Great' - “Do you not think it a matter worthy of lamentation that when there is such a vast multitude of them worlds, we have not yet conquered one”
 Alexander III 'the Great' - “I assure you I had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion.”
 Alexander III 'the Great' - “At Achilles tomb, O fortunate youth, to have found Homer as the herald of your glory”
 Alexander III 'the Great' - “I send you a kaffis of mustard seed, that you may taste and acknowledge the bitterness of my victory.”
 Alexander III 'the Great' - “I will not steal a victory. The end and perfection of our victories is to avoid the vices and infirmities of those whom we subdue.”
 Alexander III 'the Great' - “If I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes.”
 Alexander III 'the Great' - “Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.”