My Favorite Quotes
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 Shaun Alexander - “Everybody will be surprised when they see Matt and how good he is.”
 Shaun Alexander - “He is really athletic and I think he will do well. He has to be in the right system and everybody has to be patient with him. He has a really good arm and can scramble, and he'll have to learn to do it at the pro level.”
 Shaun Alexander - “He's in good spirits and he's going to be all right.”
 Shaun Alexander - “It was tough, ... but he's going to be good. He's strong. I was more emotional than he was. He's good. We're going to be OK.”
 Shaun Alexander - “It was exciting because we were down coming out of halftime and then we had a good drive to go score a touchdown. That's about it.”
 Bill Alexander - “It's a good strategic platform for taking off in the U.S..”
 Todd Alexander - “Do we look out for the good of one or the good of the many We have to do what is best for the schools.”
 Rowan Alexander - “It is disappointing especially as Allan was having such a good impact on the game.”
 Charles Alexander - “You cannot do that through acquisitions alone. The real engine of growth is the core businesses themselves.”
 Don Alexander - “Growth will be sustained longer than expected. The Fed has more work to do dollar strength will continue until later this year.”
 Eric Alexander - “There are solutions to those problems. We have smart growth here already. There will be benefits to having foot traffic for merchants on Main Street, increased tax revenue.”
 Leslie Alexander - “If there are Japanese beetles on the raspberries, we will pick them off by hand.”
 Sharon Alexander - “That's a huge head start, truly, in the fund-raising process.”
 Shaun Alexander - “In my heart of hearts,”
 Leslie Alexander - “I think he could become one of greatest players in the history of the game.”
 Duane Alexander - “These findings suggest that developing ways to avoid holiday weight gain may be extremely important for preventing obesity and the diseases associated with it.”
 Buddy Alexander - “There's definitely an element of pride there. Outside the postseason, if you ask our guys which tournament they would like to win, they're probably say this one. I think everyone wants to do well at home and protect the home turf.”
 Steve Alexander - “I'm ready to go. I'm looking forward to going. I'm looking forward to returning. I'm looking forward to getting the job done and coming home this summer.”
 Lisa Alexander - “I hope they (teens) will be able to manage their money in a manner that is really successful for them and will provide for them for the rest of their lives.”
 David Alexander - “Personally I feel we've got the cart before the horse. We need to identify Do we need to move the town clerk's office”
 Stephen Alexander - “House, he stepped up big. The guy's amazing. As big as he is, he can run. He's got great hands, great speed. He's definitely a weapon.”
 Tony Alexander - “If people were aggressively concerned about falling house prices, rising interest rates, you would not expect to see a leap in consents being issued for houses.”
 Ben Alexander - “The idea is that the boys learn about cars, how to build them and how to compete in a fun way.”
 Stephen Alexander - “Coach Brewster was at a place where tight ends were big threats in the red zone. He emphasizes the importance of the role of the tight end in the red zone, so we know what it all means to an offense's success.”
 Andy Alexander - “An alarming amount of public information is being kept secret from citizens, and the problem is increasing by the month. Not only do citizens have a right to know, they have a need to know.”

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