My Favorite Quotes
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 Mary Alexander - “I thought they might enjoy that.”
 Lamar Alexander - “Every day before school, I would bang away on Czerny, Bach, Beethoven and Mozart-and throw in a little Jerry Lee Lewis when I thought no one was around to correct me.”
 Shaun Alexander - “I never really thought I could be with another team. But it was neat to be with the Carolina guys.”
 Shaun Alexander - “I'm feeling blessed. I didn't think that I would be able to heal that fast. At halftime, I thought it was amazing how healthy I was mentally.”
 Shaun Alexander - “I never really thought about whether it could be done or not, because awards are exciting but they're not the end-all, be-all. Being 13-3 was a goal for us ... Those all come with setting the first goal, which is being good.”
 George Alexander - “Right now, they're hitting the ball a little better than I thought they would. We're scoring runs because we're getting timely hits. It seems that we've had one or two innings where we've scored all our runs.”
 Michelle Alexander - “I think we'd played three pretty good games in a row. Everyone's going to have a bad game, and I thought we might have one after how well we played against Pilot Rock. But at least it was now and not next week.”
 Shaun Alexander - “Time heals all wounds, unless you pick at them.”
 Sasha Alexander - “I'm going to tell stories to the world. I think there's time for me to grow. We'll see.”
 Jason Alexander - “You know, because of the lack of budget, we had to find neighborhoods where time had stopped - kind of stuck in the '50s. And no place had that better than Staten Island.”
 Ben Alexander - “It's the only time of year I wish I was back in the pro shop. I probably have 100 outstanding lessons.”
 Brent Alexander - “The guys we have coming in have had some quality playing time already this year. It's not like we have to change the schemes or anything. We still have our leadership, and that's the biggest key.”
 Tony Alexander - “The time for the quick buy and flick has disappeared.”
 Lori Alexander - “I felt like we should have won it the first time.”
 Officer Alexander - “They can go for a week at a time to be trained by the different agencies.”
 John Alexander - “Mark's words to me were that she is working very hard and it's a matter of time before she starts winning matches again.”
 Joe Alexander - “The more people who know about it, the more help we can get. We can't do this on a small piece of land. We need a lot of space and it's going to need a lot of time.”
 Richard Alexander - “We're getting better and better each time we play. We did all the right things tonight. It was nice to see it all come together.”
 Rhoda Alexander - “This is a very exciting time for the LCD market -- this is a price point we've been waiting to see.”
 Ramon Alexander - “A lot of people say what should be done at FAMU in the future. If they have the time to come to this meeting . . . and choose not to come, they have no right to speak out.”
 Stephen Alexander - “Look at the Chiefs and Chargers in our division, they use tight ends big-time in the red zone. We need to do the same thing.”
 Claudia Alexander - “We're still collecting scientific data. I'm really surprised we haven't gone into emergency mode. This time last November, we were passing through this same zone, and we got clobbered.”
 Buddy Alexander - “To be real honest, I couldn't be more disappointed, and at the same time I couldn't be prouder of my kids. It's tough to take. My kids are a little dejected right now. It won't be a nice ride home.”
 Buddy Alexander - “Both of them work very hard on their game. Both of them were outstanding in the classroom, and both of them do the right things most all the time.”
 David Alexander - “This is really and emotional time for the town, but I grew up with Lloyd.”

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