My Favorite Quotes
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 Sal Alfano - “These days, projects are expensive. You don't have to do a lot of remodeling to spend a lot of money. What usually happens is you'll get a leak in your bathroom and you figure it's a good time to do a remodel. It's magnificent when it's done, but suddenly the rest of the house looks pretty shabby. There's a snowball effect where one remodeling project tends to lead to another.”
 Vincent Alfano - “The victim said the man approached her and said, 'Can you tell me where there's a liquor store around here,' and then he grabbed the pocketbook and shoved her to the ground, ... She said she hurt her left wrist, right elbow and right hip.”
 Sal Alfano - “When something goes wrong -- and it always does -- you'll appreciate working with someone you feel comfortable with.”
 Sal Alfano - “Whenever you make changes it costs extra money.”
 Peter Alfano - “The first thing a television viewer realizes when watching a golf tournament is how the sport tends to make one inclined to whisper and avoid sudden movements, such as walking to the refrigerator during a possible birdie putt.”
 Vincent Alfano - “You could be going down the highway and a big chunk of ice coming off your car can damage vehicles behind you or pedestrians, ... Even a piece of snow can cause people to swerve. I think, absolutely, it's a good practice to make sure your vehicle is safe to operate.”
 Sal Alfano - “A lot of people who over-improved did a cash-out refinancing when rates were at a low, expecting housing prices to continue going up and up. But in some places, like the Midwest, prices have already stopped climbing.”
 Peter Alfano - “Coverage of golf's most prestigious tournament was filled with odes to Augusta, plus numerous shots of the picture-postcard setting, bees pollinating and what the host called azaleas screaming at you and dogwoods whispering to you.”
 Vincent Alfano - “We've been very busy. They're (police officers) running around. We're very short-staffed with people tied up with mostly minor incidents.”
 Vincent Alfano - “He said he was hit in the arm with the hammer, but there were no apparent injuries, ... However, there was a strong scent of alcohol.”