My Favorite Quotes
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 Amanda D'Alfonso - “The results are amazing. Just beautiful, silky hair.”
 Dennis Alfonso - “The heart and soul of the question is whether they can charge us impact fees.”
 Amanda D'Alfonso - “We really wanted to create a beautiful environment that we'd be proud to work in, but more importantly, one that people would also feel comfortable in coming to.”
 Amanda D'Alfonso - “Moroccan style isn't terribly popular around here, but I think it's just so beautiful and unique. Its nature also creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, which is important.”
 Dennis Alfonso - “We need clarification from the court as to what exactly it means when (statute) says we're exempt from impact fees.”
 Dennis Alfonso - “Aloha's position is that they're a private company. They're saying you need to pay it or you're not going anywhere with your school.”
 Amanda D'Alfonso - “You go into a lot of salons and it seems like everyone has an attitude and no one really listens to the customers. It's crucial for us to create an atmosphere where customers can come in and feel important and valued.”