My Favorite Quotes
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 Edgardo Alfonzo - “Having that guy in the lineup makes a difference. He's going to scare some people. I was definitely surprised by the double. He missed so much time and on his first at-bat boom He's a special player.”
 Edgardo Alfonzo - “If you ever play one position, you are more comfortable with either one that you play. I have to wait and see what the situation is. You have to be prepared for anything. You just accept what comes.”
 Edgardo Alfonzo - “I have to talk with my wife about it, but I'm 90 percent sure I need to go play, ... If I stay (with the Giants), I guess I have to play harder and work harder to recover that playing time I lost.”
 Edgardo Alfonzo - “I don't know what he has to prove, ... He's an everyday player, and they need to play him at one position. Confidence is very important for him, and I think that would give him confidence. I don't know why they're waiting to make him an everyday guy.”
 Edgardo Alfonzo - “It's just plain racism, ... What else can you call it It's not like all 25 players are Latinos, so you can't blame it all on the Latino players. It's just stupidity. It's definitely sad that there are still stupid people like that guy out there.”
 Edgardo Alfonzo - “I look forward to the opportunities when they come. The baseball is little more interesting because of the DH. It is a power league.”
 Edgardo Alfonzo - “It's a free country. You can say anything you want. True baseball fans don't say stuff like that. What can you do”