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 Ali Larijani - “We still have the same position and believe the Palestinian people must decide for their future.”
 Ali Larijani - “The Russian proposal over Iran's uranium enrichment program is considerable, but it has some problems and ambiguities to be clarified in future talks.”
 Ali Larijani - “The aim of our negotiation with Russia and the EU was to preserve and maintain the research we have started, and in an appropriate way preserve the rights of all Iranians... (Iran) will not give in to any intimidation and referral to the UN Security Council.”
 Ali Larijani - “We still believe that we can achieve good results through talks, but it will not be in the interest of the Europeans should they define the conditions in a non-peaceful way.”
 Ali Larijani - “We will accept the proposal to help resolve the problems in Iraq and establish an independent government there as it was made by Mr. Hakim, a top Islamic leader in Iraq.”
 Ali Larijani - “We agree to negotiate with the Americans. Iran accepts the demand of (Iraqi Shiite leader Abdel Aziz) Hakim to resolve the Iraqi problems and issues with the goal of creating an independent (Iraqi) government.”
 Ali Larijani - “In the days to come, we are going to designate people who are going to carry out these talks. The important thing for us is an established government in Iraq and that security is restored.”
 Ali Larijani - “To resolve Iraqi issues, and to help the establishment of an independent and free government in Iraq, we agree to (talks with the United States).”
 Ali Larijani - “We hope that the new Palestinian government overcomes its current problems with the help of Islamic countries, including Iran.”
 Ali Larijani - “We are sure that there are no such documents in Iran. I have no idea what they have or what they claim to have. We just hear the claims.”
 Ali Larijani - “It is an idea, not a structured proposal, we don't see it as mature and it has serious problems.”
 Ali Larijani - “Iraq is our natural ally, and its security is of principal importance to us.”
 Ali Larijani - “Iraq is our natural ally, and its security is of principal importance to us. Since this has been asked from us by Mr. Hakim, we have agreed to this request to help resolve the issues in Iraq, and to assist with the formation of an independent and genuinely free Iraq.”
 Ali Larijani - “Iran and India believe that the unused capacities in their political, economics and cultural fields should be defined.”
 Ali Larijani - “I really and definitely think that France has the capability to come forward. The EU should maintain their own position, without influence.”
 Ali Larijani - “This could have a positive influence on the talks.”
 Ali Larijani - “We principally do not believe in such methods, the methods which will disturb the international norms.”
 Ali Larijani - “This dual standard is detrimental to international security.”
 Ali Larijani - “If they want to use the language of threats against Iran or send Iran's case to the Security Council, Iran will review staying within the NPT and will definitely start uranium enrichment.”
 Ali Larijani - “But they are not going to talk to us in the language of threats.”
 Ali Larijani - “Iran welcomes dialogue with any other states. I wrote a letter to the three European states inviting them to resume talks, but, they cancelled it. They had thought that Iran would no longer resume talks with them.”
 Ali Larijani - “We need to refine ... a few elements of this question and study it. This requires time.”
 Ali Larijani - “Russia's idea is good but it should be considered together with favorable conditions relating to the time and place. It is our approach that when we hold talks we could reach some results.”
 Ali Larijani - “We want them to treat our case logically. We want them to give us time and keep it within the IAEA.”
 Ali Larijani - “If they give us enough time to consider Russia's proposal, then there will be more opportunities.”

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