My Favorite Quotes
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 Mario Vitali - “When she went into graphic detail about what he did to that little girl, I just lost it.”
 Abdallah Baali - “You cannot give all the powers to the secretary general. The General Assembly has to keep its main prerogative, and the secretary general and all bodies should be accountable to the General Assembly.”
 Imam Ali - “Now give me my camel back.”
 Abdallah Baali - “I think honestly he can keep doing his job... It's important for him and for us to have a good outcome at this summit. If we have a good outcome, if we have real reforms to be implemented in the months to come, I think the secretary general will be in a more comfortable position.”
 Ibrahim Ali - “The government is asleep -- there is a big administrative corruption everywhere in its institutions,”
 Ayatollah Ali - “I say here that the U.S. government has no right to summon Iranian officials.”
 Ifzal Ali - “Rapid poverty reduction requires not only high rates of economic growth but also that the benefits of this growth be distributed more equitably.”
 Ifzal Ali - “The healthy expansion is expected to continue drawing on strong internal dynamics, particularly, growth in the PRC and structural improvements in South Asia.”
 Ifzal Ali - “Strong economic growth alone won't solve the problem.”
 Ifzal Ali - “Strengthening the inclusiveness of the growth process is a precondition to sustaining high growth rates.”
 Jim Cali - “We feel we can sustain a good level of growth and innovation is all part of that growth.”
 Mohammad Ali - “I had just opened my shop when there was a big bang. I fell on the ground and the roof fell on me. Then I heard another explosion and I was struck in the head.”
 Hassan Ali - “One by one, my sons were taken from me, ... Saddam took away my sons, he took away half of my heart.”
 Mario Batali - “I like the history of the Daytona 500. It's like the Kentucky Derby of car racing.”
 Abdallah Baali - “We hope to use the weekend to move toward unanimity.”
 Mohammed Ali - “I hope he will be acquitted and come back to power.”
 Mario Batali - “The proximity to the Mediterranean... it's been a calming influence or just a generally good thing.”
 Imam Ali - “We are innocent people ... Those criminals and terrorists came and did this to us,”
 Imam Ali - “We are innocent people, working for just 10,000 or 12,000 dinars (7 or 8) a day. Those criminals and terrorists came and did this to us,”
 Muhammad Ali - “I'm going to, not I'm gonna. Talk intelligent,”
 Youssef Squali - “Longer-term, the pillars of the Internet, companies like eBay and Yahoo will continue to outperform,”
 Ameer Ali - “Abu Bakr has been advocating intolerance.”
 Mario Batali - “Cooking in France and Italy has a particular high resonance, and it's hard to say how or why it developed other than that they've been smarter and there longer.”
 Haj Ali - “Israel found no further justification to keep me in jail.”
 Mohammed Ali - “Please just kill him,”

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