My Favorite Quotes
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 Tatyana Ali - “I had short hair for a while, but I ended up loving it.”
 Mohammed Ali - “I'm opposed to all sorts of terrorism, I swear to God,”
 Mohammed Ali - “I'm opposed to all sorts of terrorism, I swear to God, ... I do not believe in terrorism.”
 Ameer Ali - “The anti-terrorism laws are going to create a legal nightmare for the Government.”
 Tatyana Ali - “I'm doing a play, a musical. The musical follows the Mamma Mia concept. It's my first LA theater project.”
 Mario Batali - “It used to be that you would go out to the theater and get a bite or you would go to the game and get a bite or go to the concert and get a bite. At this point in our society, the bite is often the main event.”
 Mohammed Ali - “Seconds later there was another explosion. The explosions set cars on fire and there was smoke all around. I thought the explosions would burst my ear drums.”
 Hassan Ali - “I thought it was an earthquake.”
 Ayaan Hirsi Ali - “Every time I went on TV I got a threat.”
 Philip Emeagwali - “The Connection Machines owned by the United States government laboratories were made available to me because they were considered impossible to program and there was no great demand for them at that time.”
 Boutros Boutros-Ghali - “At a certain time, we have 70,000 blue helmets with more than 30,000 people working with them, so this never reached the secretary-general.”
 Tamba Hali - “We didn't know what to do. Then it started happening all the time. So we went into hiding.”
 Tamba Hali - “We weren't going to let them drop back and pass. Every time he went back, we got to him. The pressure was great. They weren't going to get down the field.”
 Papa Mali - “In the wake of Katrina there's a lot of people that are waiting to see if its going to bounce back. But I've already been back down there and the town is bouncing back. It's going to take a long time before it's like it was.”
 Najee Ali - “Not much has changed. There are cosmetic changes but the solution is to help those in poverty have meaningful employment, healthcare and quality of life. Until that happens, there could be a riot here at any time.”
 Ahmed Ali - “accomplishments, and at the same time, none of the competitors is stronger than him.”
 Philip Emeagwali - “I dropped out of high school four times between the ages of 12 to 17.”
 Mario Batali - “The reason that I developed the style of talking about the historical use of these ingredients is because after I've cut an onion 10 times, I can't tell you to cut an onion again.”
 Tamba Hali - “It was a lot of emotion. We've lost so many games to them in our past history. We had the Big Ten title at stake and we had to play well.”
 Jacques Attali - “Franois Mitterrand was the last king of France. France today is no longer a truly independent nation, but not yet part of a global European nation. We're in a no man's land. There is a longing for a monarch and a request for a stronger president.”
 Boutros Boutros-Ghali - “But at the beginning, our definition of the genocide was what happened to Armenia in 1917 or 1919, it's happened to the Jew in Europe, and we were not realizing - In our point of view, they have not the tools to do a genocide.”
 Ifzal Ali - “The strength of the global economy remains a key determinant of growth in developing Asia. The major industrial economies are expected to grow close to potential and global trade will remain firm this year.”
 Mario Batali - “If you approach cooking as a trade school, then you may not have as many interesting things to think about or do later on in life.”
 Mario Batali - “They have what's called the cooking school bloc, which is in the afternoon between 1 and 5. It will be interesting to see how my show, which is travel and food tied together, goes across America.”
 Abdallah Baali - “We have every trust in him,”

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