My Favorite Quotes
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 Ifzal Ali - “We see more affluent youth going in for consumption, which is something that's very new for this part of the world.”
 Mario Batali - “I think that the rise of a group of people called the slow food movement is doing a lot to try to protect and preserve traditions.”
 Mario Batali - “It will certainly be controversial for a couple of weeks, ... With that few restaurants in the two-star category, people will not take it seriously.”
 Tamba Hali - “It's hard to explain to somebody what it's like when they haven't really gone through it. We produce a lot of war games, and we've seen (on TV) what happened in Iraq. But it's hard to explain to people what it's like to actually be in that situation and feeling like maybe today I could die.”
 Abdallah Baali - “People were very cautious, to say the least, because of his reputation as a tough guy who didn't like the UN.”
 Ahmed Ali - “There are groups trying to instigate people. We don't want any violence.”
 Ahmed Ali - “People are very, very provoked, ... They are boiling.”
 Muhammad Ali - “I'm the most recognized and loved man that ever lived cuz there weren't no satellites when Jesus and Moses were around, so people far away in the villages didn't know about them.”
 Muhammad Ali - “This relationship will help guarantee that, for generations to come, people of all nations will understand my beliefs and my purpose.”
 Muhammad Ali - “It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.”
 Mario Batali - “Think of American food. In my generation, growing up in the '60s and '70s, Banquet Fried Chicken and TV dinners were the thing. Now people are back into roasting their own chickens, and TV dinners are a point of kitsch. It will be interesting to see what survives another hundred years.”
 Muhammad Ali - “We have one life it soon will be past what we do for God is all that will last.”
 Imam Ali - “Whoever longs for paradise forgets his desires.”
 Abdallah Baali - “What we need from these Europeans is to put an end to these networks, ... We accept any mission whose objective is to exchange views with Algerians in order to strengthen the fight against terrorism.”
 Salvador Dali - “What is a television apparatus to man, who has only to shut his eyes to see the most inaccessible regions of the seen and the never seen, who has only to imagine in order to pierce through walls and cause all the planetary Baghdads of his dreams to rise from the dust.”
 Mario Batali - “If neither of the two parties are happy, then you have a closed restaurant. And if only one of the two groups is happy, you have one that will close. So, to create an opportunity for both the customers and the staff to have a superior experience is my constant struggle.”
 Mario Batali - “Kids today want to eat their risotto with curry and shrimp and sour cream, not risotto alla Milanese, like they should, in my opinion.”
 Mohammad Ali - “I just cannot say how many people are still under there and we are trying to evacuate them. Over 75 apartments were affected so the number of people is in the hundreds.”
 Ayatollah Ali - “The leadership of Iran has pledged at the highest level that Iran will remain a non-nuclear-weapon state party to the (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) and has placed the entire scope of its nuclear activities under IAEA safeguards and additional protocol, in addition to undertaking voluntary transparency measures with the agency that have even gone beyond the requirements of the agency's safeguard system.”
 Ayatollah Ali - “The West knows very well that we are not seeking to build nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are against our political and economic interests and our Islamic beliefs. Therefore, the Islamic Republic will not fear the uproar and will continue the path of scientific progress relying on its principles and the world cannot influence the will of our people.”
 Mohammad Ali - “We are here to protest Britain's role in sending us to the U.N. Security Council. We must defend our right to nuclear technology.”
 Nripen Bharali - “Most tankers carrying crude from our installations have stopped plying due to the protests and this is hampering our normal operations.”
 Aisha Ali - “It's normal to move the pelvis. It's not meant to be lascivious. It's meant to be a form of everyday expression.”
 Ahmed Ali - “The problem is that these sources are a big deal at these kinds of noise levels. And unfortunately, none of them are well predicted by simulations. You have to call on the designers' experience.”
 Mohammed Ali - “We did not see any strangers like Saudis, Syrians or others, ... The people are suffering from lack of food stuff, drinkable water and blankets, because it is getting cold during the night here.”

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