My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Alic - “We monitor all the injury reports and look at what happened in the game. We will contact clubs and ask them for an explanation.”
 Steve Alic - “Once the letter is sent, the player is out.”
 Steve Alic - “Any report of a test score of 6 is incorrect. The people who run the combine told me emphatically that it was incorrect. They said it couldn't be more wrong. I know the report is wrong and know the scores are confidential.”
 Steve Alic - “The report that indicated that specific number is incorrect. The NFL doesn't get those numbers until after the combine, and the numbers are confidential.”
 Steve Alic - “In the past, aberrations have occurred to make it one week. It will be two weeks exclusively every year. Two weeks is natural.”
 Steve Alic - “This is an impermissible act under NFL policy.”
 Steve Alic - “This issue will be reviewed under the leagues personal conduct policy. There is no time frame for the conclusion of the review.”
 Steve Alic - “The scores are confidential. They go to every NFL club at the end of the combine. But the number that was reported is inaccurate.”
 Steve Alic - “Players who are suspended for violating the substance-abuse policy are permitted some club contact to help rehabilitate their condition, but on the flip side, steroid violators are not afforded any club contact because they are being disciplined for cheating.”