My Favorite Quotes
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 Mary Alice - “You know how on St. Patrick's Day everybody is Irish. In Quincy this weekend, everybody's German,”
 Joe Scalice - “In reality, sparkling wine can be every bit as good as champagne.”
 Mary Alice - “They come out to enjoy the food, enjoy the music. It's a chance to get together and visit with friends and neighbors. It's a fun family event, and the park is absolutely perfect for this event.”
 Mary Alice - “Going in and telling schools what to do is just going to make everybody mad and not get to the goal,”
 Mary Alice - “If the roof of your condo gets damaged, for example, and water leaks into the unit, the master policy would cover the roof repair but not individual unit repairs to things like the ceiling, walls, carpets or furniture,”
 Joe Scalice - “You can get something really really fabulous. I just tasted the Pol Roger Winston Churchill 1998 and my god, it's so delicious. And if you want to have a special celebration, you know, that's the way to go if money is no object.”
 Joe Scalice - “Don't be afraid to have something that's not expensive. Just because it doesn't cost a lot of money, doesn't mean it's not good.”