My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Mihalich - “When you run that baseline when it's a dead ball, you give a team life.”
 Debra Alich - “It's headed up here. The hungry will be living on the same street as the captains of industry.”
 Joe Mihalich - “That whole team is on a mission. They have the senior leadership and they can win this.”
 Marco Balich - “We decided not to use ice because we think ice limits speed. In Salt Lake City they had huge problems when it rained two hours before the show.”
 Joe Mihalich - “I'm really proud of this team, as proud of this team as any I've ever been around. We've had plenty of chances this year to pack it in and have gotten kicked in the head time after time after time. These guys just refuse to give in.”
 Joe Mihalich - “We're all kind of in a state of shock right now. It's times like this that really test your faith. For some reason, we weren't supposed to win that game.”
 Joe Mihalich - “As good as (Jordan) was, our team was fortunate to pull it together and be better than Marist. It's not a game for individuals. It's a game for teams, and our team, today, was better than them.”
 Joe Mihalich - “You get sad at this time of year. Now, I can't wait until Oct. 15 because this is all you work for. I can't believe it's over.”
 Joe Mihalich - “That's a real good team. They can score. You can't cheat on anybody. They've got a lot of different weapons.”
 Marco Balich - “Many times there have been only men. Now it is a moment to have only women.”
 Joe Mihalich - “Our goals are the same. Nothing has changed at all. There's no panic here, no sense of any of that stuff. We're close, so doggone close you can still feel it. We've been a one-play-here, one-play-there kind of team so far. That's why we don't sleep a lot at night.”
 Marco Balich - “The music of the '70s and '80s is fun music and we wanted to have a party.”
 Debra Alich - “These are people who are choosing between food or paying the rent, people who are choosing between food and buying their child a pair of shoes, food and heat in the wintertime. Theyre seniors who are choosing whether to buy food or pay for medicine. Folks are going entire days without anything to eat at all. They are literally going to bed hungry.”
 Marco Balich - “I wanted to make a very beautiful party, and music of the '70s and '80s is party music.”
 Marco Balich - “We have worked around the passionate way that Italians approach all things, good and bad the way they drive, the way they eat and the way they dress. We will have a very energetic show. There will be a lot of speed. Italians love speed.”
 Marco Balich - “Italians live very passionately their cars, how they eat and dress. Italians love speed, too, so we wanted to represent this also.”
 Debra Alich - “So many families live from paycheck to paycheck. So few have that nest egg anymore.”
 Marco Balich - “You can see passion in the way we drive, the way we eat, the way we dress.”
 Marco Balich - “The opening ceremony is all about passion, energy, the Italy of the future. It will be a bit aggressive. The closing ceremony will have a carnival theme - with a melancholy air because it's the end of the Games.”
 Joe Mihalich - “I don't know if we're consciously trying to do that but we talk about valuing the basketball and the possessions are longer. We've made the possessions longer defensively, playing some zones, and offensively our possessions are longer, too. In years past we just let Alvin Cruz push it up there and try to find somebody quick.”
 Debra Alich - “Of the 36,000 that were served by the food bank last year, food insecure was about 87 percent.”
 Debra Alich - “The middle class is becoming the working poor. If they have one tragic event -- illness, lost job or a death -- they have need for the food bank.”
 Marco Balich - “They will march into the stadium together to stress that sports is a big, single family that also needs moments of fun. To each section of the IOC official protocol, we shall answer with our goofy and grotesque protocol and I am sure the people will laugh and cheer.”