My Favorite Quotes
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 Basheer Benhalim - “I think it will be a close one. It depends on who comes out to vote. I think it'll have a lot of support from the organizations in this building (Student Union) because it will allow this to be a student union.”
 Basheer Benhalim - “We wanted to do things and do them well, such as replacing the stairs and paying for the cost of utilities in the Student Union.”
 Basheer Benhalim - “It's a decision we made because the increase in visits is just exponential. There's a clear need, and we want to make sure we meet that need.”
 Abdul Alim - “The cancer treatment, combined with a bout of flu last year, left Farrakhan feeling weak and drained, ... He was not his usual, energetic self.”
 Abdul Alim - “His prostate cancer is no issue, it is completely controlled, ... There is no need to expect the imminent demise of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. He isn't going anywhere.”