My Favorite Quotes
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 Mahmoud Alinejad - “These comments are not being made by accident. This is something he has deliberated and thought out.”
 Mahmoud Alinejad - “The pressure is growing inside the system to contain him and to pass these four years as quickly as possible without too much damage.”
 Mahmoud Alinejad - “Probably, they anticipate that down the line there will be a point that confrontation will be inevitable. Therefore, they are just indicating that in case they come under any military pressure or any threat then they can properly defend themselves.”
 Mahmoud Alinejad - “His influence and popularity among the core constituency of the revolution and the government ... has put him in a situation where other figures cannot contradict him.”
 Mahmoud Alinejad - “There is a general agreement in the system that Iran can make trouble for the West in Iraq and Palestine and that by doing so it will force the Americans to take it seriously and give it a security role in the region.”
 Mahmoud Alinejad - “He is pursuing it (the anti-Israel line) because he doesn't really have any choice internally. Otherwise he will be sidelined. It's very hard, even for people like Rafsanjani, to adopt a more moderate stance.”
 Mahmoud Alinejad - “This sort of military propaganda will definitely give them (those seeking tougher action) more ammunition to level more accusations against Iran that Iran is under a military minded government and leadership.”