My Favorite Quotes
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 Adam Alirez - “We had a good tournament overall. We were missing a big point scorer with Zack Melendez not here, but we did an awesome job. We had a tough night Friday night, but all the guys today came back through and won third place.”
 Adam Alirez - “We've been wrestling tough all year, and this was one of our goals on our list. It was just exciting to see them get to the semifinals and step it up. We really represented. The whole town of Greeley just did awesome. There were a lot of tough teams here.”
 Adam Alirez - “We've been working so hard because we know it's his last year and the road he's going to through, there's a couple of guys, and we've been trying to watch some tape work on things and he came through. He wrestled his butt off.”
 Adam Alirez - “That was probably the first time I've been totally impressed, 100 percent. We wrestled the toughest competition -- top-ranked wrestlers -- and just went after it. They all beat top-ranked wrestlers whether they placed in the tournament or not. And to come out with a third place trophy and missing two of our guns, man, that's unbelievable.”
 Adam Alirez - “Fast is the way we like it. Fort Lupton's young, but this is the closest anyone has come to us in a dual this season. It's good to get Drake back it gives us a good lower half. And the night went pretty much as I expected.”
 Adam Alirez - “He's going to have to eventually. But he's doing awesome, whichever way he goes, he's going to make some noise at state.”
 Adam Alirez - “He's a very quite, hard worker. Coming into this year from last year, I see 10 times the wrestler. This year he won't be denied. He's just awesome. He is only a sophomore, too. Next year, people better watch out in that heavy weight division.”
 Adam Alirez - “I think they just wrestled hard. The guys who won, the guys who lost, every single one of them wrestled tough. Windsor is a well-coached team. We knew they were going to come in and just get after us. In order to prevent that, we've got to make sure we're even more prepared.”
 Adam Alirez - “That kid was aggressive. He came after Terence, but Terence stepped it up and did his job.”
 Adam Alirez - “He's a character. He's a real crack up, just a goofy wrestler.”
 Adam Alirez - “He's only a sophomore and has a lot to look forward to. People better watch out for him next year.”
 Adam Alirez - “He's a bust your butt kind of wrestler. He works hard in practice. He's had a rough time this year with injuries, but even so he's there every single day, icing, conditioning, jump roping -- whatever he had to do. He's an awesome kid to have in that room. I'm excited that he's only a sophomore.”
 Adam Alirez - “He's a tough kid. He wrestles a whole match. He doesn't stop wrestling. If you take a second off with that kid -- obviously that's the result your going to get. But we're going to prepare for him because we're definitely going to see him again.”