My Favorite Quotes
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 Layton Aliviado - “I told them not to give the game away. I told them that if they wanted to win, go out and take and not give anything away.”
 Layton Aliviado - “I figured the kids are getting older and I felt maybe it's a nice time to move up to the next level and see how it is.”
 Layton Aliviado - “We knew we were in for a game. It's elimination time. But when the home run came, it kind of gave us some relief.”
 Layton Aliviado - “It's elimination time and we were kind of tight. When the home run came it gave us a relief. That team is tough.”
 Layton Aliviado - “When we say it's time for batting practice, they say, 'Oh, let's go' When it's time for fielding practice, they start moaning.”
 Layton Aliviado - “I'm real honored. I didn't know this would happen. I just wanted to say thanks to the people for supporting us. Hopefully, we made the people happy.”
 Layton Aliviado - “I'm real happy. Our dream came true.”
 Layton Aliviado - “It's a dream come true. In the middle of the game we weren't hitting their pitcher too well and I told the boys if you want it, go get it. I guess it lit the fire up again.”
 Layton Aliviado - “He closed his eyes and just swung. He got the good part of the bat on it, and it was a deep shot.”
 Layton Aliviado - “California is a tough team and it was a tough few innings, but I think we just got lucky. We started hitting and they walked a few batters.”