My Favorite Quotes
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 Ilham Aliyev - “head of international mafia.”
 Ilham Aliyev - “Their actions were morally ugly. After spending so much time among us, they stabbed us in the back,”
 Ilham Aliyev - “The idea that we should negotiate pipeline routes through Armenia in exchange for Armenia militarily freeing our territories is simply not a wise strategy. I'm against it.”
 Ilham Aliyev - “We will not allow you to sit here, conspire with the opposition and give them money to overthrow the president,”
 Ilham Aliyev - “The opposition seems to be very disorganized, weak, ... Their attempts to create a pre-revolutionary situation in Azerbaijan failed.”
 Ilham Aliyev - “As a whole, the election process before the election and on the day of election was successful, and I think Azerbaijan had normal and democratic elections,”
 Ilham Aliyev - “Before, they used to tell you who to vote for, but not this time, ... The management of the elections is better today.”
 Ilham Aliyev - “The other side Armenia must know that Azerbaijan is capable of securing its territorial integrity through war.”
 Ilham Aliyev - “The campaign was successful. Equal conditions were created for all candidates and that gives me hope the election will be democratic and transparent,”
 Ilham Aliyev - “The election will be conducted in a calm manner and the Azerbaijani society will remain stable,”