My Favorite Quotes
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 Vic Alkire - “It is immensely imperative (for us to win). If we can win (today) then (Thursday's) game doesn't mean as much.”
 Vic Alkire - “Listless is a good word for it. I had a few others out there, but I wish I'd have thought of that one.”
 Kevin Alkire - “He had 13 points against Logan and 10 against Watkins Memorial. During those eight games we were losing, he wasn't playing too well. I think he gained some confidence in that game against Watkins. He was coming back from an injury and finally got comfortable and played his game and didn't worry about his ankle.”
 Kevin Alkire - “I think the district is as wide open as it's ever been. Everybody has tapes on each other, so there's not much mystery. It will be a matter of who out-executes whom.”
 Kevin Alkire - “I had higher expectations and the kids had higher expectations, but realistically we had a lot of kids that were just playing their second year of varsity basketball.”