My Favorite Quotes
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 Joy Allain - “We have 11 shows this year, which is the most in a long time.”
 Keith Allain - “Every day you come to practice you can learn something from NHL head coaches, and I think I've been doing that for the last 13 years.”
 Tommy Allain - “Some dogs just don't grow. Must be the same with people.”
 Tommy Allain - “No. Scared people run. They run for their lives.”
 Lori Allain - “You've got to understand. The biker world is a very, very big organization, and they're all over the U.S. and the world. When they know you're right ... you're not going to find us.”
 Joy Allain - “The music is great and it's a great political satire.”
 Keith Allain - “I have enjoyed my time in St. Louis and wish the organization the best of luck in the future.”
 Keith Allain - “I want to play an upbeat style with skill and energy. I think hockey needs to be fun for the players. You want to create an environment that allows that to happen.”
 Tommy Allain - “It might as well be a death sentence considering my age.”
 Keith Allain - “My ultimate goal is to make this the destination of choice for elite athletes that are able to get into Ivy League schools. That's a pretty lofty goal and it's going to take a lot of time and work.”
 Lori Allain - “I would've been back immediately if they had allowed somebody in my family to take my children. That day.”
 Lori Allain - “We just needed help with learning how to care for children with special needs.”
 Tommy Allain - “Do we sound like monsters who crawled out of a swamp to eat little kids It's beyond belief in my brain. Everybody's just painted us - I don't have words for it.”
 Joy Allain - “Enchanted April' is edgy, and will talk to an older audience.”