My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Allbaugh - “Beyond terrorism, this was the one event I was most concerned with always.”
 Joe Allbaugh - “This is an innovative solution that can help protect our nation's water supply from both natural disasters and terrorist attacks. It's a good example of how the private sector can work together to help secure our nation's future.”
 Joe Allbaugh - “I picked him because he is a good man who knows how to run a very important organization and I am proud of my friend.”
 Joe Allbaugh - “We're losing time. Time is working against us. I think we all pray and hope for a miracle, but this morning we're about to mark two weeks, and it's highly unlikely we're going to find anyone alive.”
 Joe Allbaugh - “I came here today to listen and learn and report back to the president. I'm prepared ... to go back and report to the president that these folks have done a great job.”
 Joe Allbaugh - “The question is how many times the American taxpayer has to step in and take care of this flooding, which could be easily prevented by building levees and dikes.”
 Joe Allbaugh - “That's going to take awhile, I know. City engineers as well as the Army Corps of Engineers are working right now to dredge out an area around Pier 6 so we can bring in barges and help facilitate the removal of the debris. But it's going to take months.”