My Favorite Quotes
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 Roy Vallee - “Technology solutions deliver a record-breaking quarter as we closed our calendar year 2005 with 11 percent revenue growth while growing operating income by 22 percent for the calendar year. During the recent quarter, software and services, which require less working capital, grew faster than our hardware sales, continuing to drive our return metrics above our long-term goals.”
 David Vallee - “We only have theories about the biggest waves, because it's hard to get observations to quantify the theory.”
 Roy Vallee - “Helping customers get the right devices designed in and right products designed in time to meet their market windows is a rising priority.”
 Laura LaVallee - “We will play our ladder matches at the end of the week (today, Friday).”
 David Vallee - “This was truly an awesome example of nature taking advantage of everything she's got available.”
 Don Allee - “Early yesterday morning, Dole approached the port to see if we could do anything in advance of that 30th of September date, and all of the agencies, all of the service providers came together and we were able to receive the ship this morning around 1030.”
 Laura LaVallee - “Jenna Croce is a role model for the younger players. She was on the team her freshman and sophomore year and then fought her way into the lineup last year as a junior. Jenna is an example of where hard work and dedication can get you. I am so lucky to have these two as captains.”
 David Vallee - “No matter how much we think we understand the processes of nature, nature can always do something a little different, a little unexpected. It makes you realize how small we are.”
 Don Allee - “We like to think our fees and services, the charges we apply, are competitive. ... For things that we don't control, the charges the tugs charge to provide assistance is competitive to other ports. The same holds true for our pilots, the guys who physically guide the ship in.”
 Roy Vallee - “This was a very strong December quarter for us with both operating groups setting many records including revenue, efficiency and working capital velocity. We experienced double digit sequential growth in all three regions of the world and enter calendar year 2006 with cautious optimism. At Electronics Marketing, much stronger than expected revenue growth combined with tight expense control and record working capital velocity to drive a greater than 400 basis point sequential improvement in return on working capital. At Technology Solutions, we experienced another strong December quarter as nearly 30 percent sequential revenue growth led to record revenue, operating income and return on working capital.”
 David Vallee - “Arctic energy from Canada was driving steadily southward, while this ball of tropical energy from the hurricane was moving northward. When they met, it caused this storm to explode, in weather terms.”
 Don Allee - “We are back in business.”
 Roy Vallee - “Pitting student teams against one another in eight competitions gives students a chance to demonstrate decision-making and creative skills and to enjoy hands-on experience outside of the classroom. Further, the games offer students a way to stand out from their peers by adding to the development of their communication, problem-solving and leadership skills necessary for success in the business world.”
 Roy Vallee - “High-volume manufacturing has shifted to other regions so there is a greater focus on smaller accounts in North America than in the past. When we talk about expanding, we mean paying more attention to customers who have less than 100,000 a year in purchases from us.”
 David Vallee - “Is there some hint that global warming is the reason Maybe. Or is it sunspot cycles Is it fluctuations in solar activity We don't know enough to make an absolute answer.”