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 Doug Allen - “While the prices in the world of sports memorabilia tend to be much more predictable, The Wayne Gretzky jersey and rookie card went through the roof, ... Anything Gretzky has a tendency to do well but this was a phenomenal jump that is bound to impact the future sale of Gretzky items.”
 David Allen - “I know it's fashionable in some circles to predict that all strips will be animated in the future, thanks to massive CPU power, wide pipes and powerful animation software, but I don't see it.”
 Don Allen - “We were extremely happy with the way we came out tonight. Twenty-two points has been a halftime score for us in some games. So that was nice. We knocked down some open shots. David and Jeff made some nice moves inside. We controlled the boards and were able to get the ball down the floor.”
 Anita Allen - “We played even after falling behind, ... We started slow, and Dripping Springs had a server that served nine straight to start both games.”
 Connie Allen - “(Cannon) had 15 rebounds. Twelve of those were offensive. I feel she was getting beat up in there and not getting the calls. She didn't give up. There are going to be games where they don't call those fouls inside and that was one of them. She kept going after it. She didn't get discouraged and that says a lot for a freshman.”
 Ray Allen - “When a person is gone, watching the montage, you realize how long he was here in a Sonic uniform. He did a lot of great things, played in a lot of big games, and played with some of the best players to put on a Sonic uniform. He definitely left his mark on the city.”
 Linda Allen - “If they come to the library to play educational games and they think libraries are a fun place to be, they will come back again and again their whole life. We've generated a lifelong reader and a lifelong library user.”
 Lavoy Allen - “We've played a lot of games and there's not a lot of guys who have been through this before. Maybe we're getting tired.”
 Ron Allen - “We always enjoy the games between us. We always have great contests. Larry and I have been best friends for 20 seasons out here.”
 Paul Allen - “It just didn't work out here. I'll have great memories. There were some amazing games.”
 Ray Allen - “Inside the first 20 to 25 games of the season, we were losing these games, getting beat by two and three points. Over the last 10 games, it seems like we're starting to win these games and putting some good things together.”
 Ray Allen - “Our track record hasn't been good. We've lost so many close games in this building this season. We're learning some things about ourselves.”
 Carol Allen - “We're a botanical garden that has display facilities 365 days a year. The Smithsonian doesn't. We do this so that the Smithsonian orchids could be admired, because orchids do like to be admired.”
 Roger Allen - “In case you're worried about what's going to become of the younger generation, it's going to grow up and start worrying about the younger generation”
 Leslie Allen - “We want to give a visual example of the project's intention, inspire other artists to submit proposals and get local merchants to sponsor those artists,”
 Leslie Allen - “We want to give a visual example of the project's intention, inspire other artists to submit proposals and get local merchants to sponsor those artists.”
 Woody Allen - “I'm going to give my psychoanalyst one more year, then I'm going to Lourdes”
 Russell Allen - “Obviously, they're not going to give the award to an individual if the entire team doesn't play well, and I think we did that. I feel very honored to be recognized.”
 Suzanne Allen - “These girls worked really, really hard in the summer at conditioning. They worked hard at improving and have done a great job. Even the six girls that sit on the bench, I know I can count on. I'm confident putting them in for anyone at anytime. I know they'll give 100 percent.”
 Susan Allen - “Well, that didn't work the way it was supposed to work. It was supposed to give me a duplicate match, but it didn't.”
 Ray Allen - “I would give it to Nash. No question about it. I don't think anybody in the NBA is playing the way he's playing and his team is doing what they're doing. Take him off the roster and they would not be where they are.”
 Ivan Allen - “I can't tell you some of the things I did as a teenager, but some folks didn't give up on me.”
 Rick Allen - “It's what the citizens give from their hearts. They just keep donating here at HEB and we have 12 to 15 pallets right now, and they're still coming in,”
 Jody Allen - “If he can keep making the progress that he has made and the trainers give him the OK, then it will be up to Kam if he wants to play. Even as coaches, we don't want him to play if he's not comfortable and confident on his knee.”
 Karen Allen - “Life means giving as much of yourself as you have to give.”

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