My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Allenby - “Greg is Australian golf. He doesn't owe the tour anything.”
 Robert Allenby - “I got away to a good start, eagle on the first is good,”
 Robert Allenby - “A visor. My head gets too hot in a hat.”
 Robert Allenby - “I played nicely last week. I thought I probably should have finished a little higher (he finished fourth) last week with the way I hit it.”
 Robert Allenby - “Any time you win a couple of holes with pars against Tiger, that's a bonus.”
 Robert Allenby - “It's your national title, it's like a U.S. Open, that's the way it's meant to play,”
 Robert Allenby - “I hate it, ... The front nine is just stupid. The rough is just ridiculous. I know it's a national title, but it's not the U.S. Open. It was easier at the U.S. Open rough.”
 Robert Allenby - “What it is, is hitting shots without fear. We all have fear in us, fear of pulling it left in the water or pushing it right in the trees. But when you're confident, it doesn't matter if the whole green is surrounded by water because you are not thinking about that. All you are thinking is putting the ball as close as you can to the flag. That's confidence.”
 Robert Allenby - “There's not a chance in hell, not the way the course is playing now. It might not happen in the next 70 years.”
 Robert Allenby - “I had a great time out there this morning because being first off, I had perfect greens for the first nine holes. Any time you shoot five under around this course, it's always a good round.”
 Robert Allenby - “I wasn't expecting him to miss that putt. At least I made it interesting.”
 Robert Allenby - “I'm making the odd one or two, but if I was to make some putts, I'd probably be about 15-under. That's golf. And you've got to take what you're given sometimes.”
 Robert Allenby - “For the Presidents Cup team for the International side, it's a huge loss. You know he's either going to win or he's going to halve pretty much all his matches. It really makes the International team a little bit weaker, but on the other side, we all hope for a fast recovery.”
 Robert Allenby - “I was too scared to commit to shots, especially those first five or six holes. Once I was 4 over after about six holes, I pretty much said, 'I've got to do something, I've got to forget about the hand and just go and play golf.”
 Robert Allenby - “I'm hitting the ball good. I'm driving the ball well, hitting a lot of good iron shots and I'm doing everything pretty consistent.”
 Robert Allenby - “I just picked the club I could make the smoothest swing with, ... I knew my hand would fall off the club at impact. I had no power, no feeling. I can't guarantee I'll be here tomorrow.”
 Robert Allenby - “I'd like to create a little bit of history - it would be a great way to end the year. I know I can do it. Every time I come down to Australia, I always feel I could win all three.”