My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Alleva - “When that report comes out, we'll have a better idea. We're going to have to wait for that report to come back May 1, and then we'll study it and we'll sit down with the president and university officials and decide what we're going to do.”
 Joe Alleva - “This was huge for us, beating them in their gym after they've beaten us the last couple of years. They're a really good team, we just got some big rebounds when we needed them and played good defense.”
 Joe Alleva - “He said there were too many incidents, but there's not enough incidents to make a drastic change in the program at this point in time.”
 Joe Alleva - “Coach Pressler offered me his resignation earlier this afternoon, and I accepted it. I believe this is in the best interests of the program, the department of athletics and the university.”
 Joe Alleva - “Several players who were present acknowledge, however, that they did hire private party dancers and that underage drinking occurred. The judgment of the team members to host and participate in this event is inconsistent with the values of Duke Athletics and Duke University and is unacceptable.”