My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Malley - “A compact based on compromise and broad consent could have been a first step in a healing process. Instead it is proving yet another step in a process of depressing decline.”
 Grady O'Malley - “This was a devious and calculated act. It had a catastrophic effect on the company. The government must send a message to systems managers and people in trust that there will be a day of reckoning.”
 Tim O'Malley - “We have not talked about creating a fifth classification that much. The football coaches committee met in Hershey, as they always do the weekend of the PIAA championships. Our stance is that we are going to perhaps revisit it for the next classification cycle but really, there is no urgency at this time to visit the matter.”
 Mike Alley - “Tony Lewis is the most underrated football player out there. Once college coaches find out about Tony, he'll get serious looks from colleges. He's a wonderful young man.”
 Mike Alley - “We have several guys who hope to play college football, but we know everyone can't be a 1,000-yard rusher or a 1,000-yard passer this year. We've dedicated ourselves to being a team and more of a family this year and not just individuals. We're focused on being unselfish.”
 Austin O'Malley - “You are not obliged to put on evening clothes to meet God”
 Mark O'Malley - “We are not encrypting the data. The data is still in the clear. We are just adding a lock on the cartridge.”
 Carolyn Nalley - “A lot of people from our church are offering people places to stay.”
 Ed Talley - “We will use the Wolff store as a general store. In the spring we will probably offer historical plants especially during the Jonquil Festival. During the fall and at Christmas we will offer cured or smoked meats to play up the rural country self-sufficiency of people.”
 Kirstie Alley - “Until I separated from Parker, I had never been without them-and it's the hardest thing to share them. But we're trying to give the children the semblance of having whole lives.”
 Kirstie Alley - “I don't think children are any more resilent than anyone else. They're just people with little bodies.”
 Kirstie Alley - “I don't think that children are any more resilient than anyone else. They're just people with little bodies.”
 Kirstie Alley - “I couldn't care less about sex unless I meet someone who I think is wonderful.”
 Donna LeValley - “If you know you're going to put 3,000 into an IRA, or money into a dependent care account or flexible spending account, add that up. Every time you reach that exemption amount, add another allowance on your W-4.”
 Kirk Talley - “I must say, God worked through those people to be what I needed to bring me back to some place of emotional calm.”
 Kirstie Alley - “I never did go back to acting class. I was too busy working.”
 Robert Malley - “There's still time to forge a genuine national compact and promote a national identity, but institutional restraints that so far have prevented a break-up are fast eroding. The main burden is on Iraq's leaders, but they need all the help and pressure the US and others can muster.”
 Kathleen O'Malley - “I'm concerned about our future breeding and release program. We have 50 whooping cranes here and 15 to 18 pairs are breeding this season. The snow was very disruptive to the breeding program.”
 Kirstie Alley - “For some reason I am one of those people who act like they were born and raised during the Depression.”
 Kirstie Alley - “I always had really long swimmer's arms. The last to totally go is always my thighs and butt, but my old body is there somewhere.”
 Kirstie Alley - “I've lost 17 12 percent body fat.”
 Austin O'Malley - “The best blood will sometimes get into a fool or a mosquito”
 Tim O'Malley - “The existing technology is more than 100 years old, and it shows. Blood pressure monitoring was overdue for a major innovation, and Primo represents that innovation.”
 Kirstie Alley - “I binge when I'm happy. When everything is going really well, every day is like I'm at a birthday party.”
 Kirstie Alley - “It's like giving birth to a kindergartener,”

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