My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Allweiss - “I think the industry is indeed vulnerable because what they are doing is not right.”
 Michael Allweiss - “All of the proposals were for marine liability insurance. Which makes sense. Shoreline Cruises Inc. conducts tour boat operations on a landlocked lake. There is not a whole lot of on-ground stuff.”
 Michael Allweiss - “I think the industry would view this as a significant defeat. This allows us to explore, I think, what they've been able to prevent from being explored in the past. It's very meaningful.”
 Michael Allweiss - “There are studies that show there are actual biological changes, and some of them create adverse consequences. The vast majority of people out there have no clue. Our position is simple. As a public health and safety issue, headsets should have been supplied, like using a seat belt.”