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 Maureen Allyn - “So far, layoffs have been bad, but the job market has held up pretty darn well. If companies really get the axe out more than they have, that sets a bad dynamic in motion. That's what's got to give Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan nightmares.”
 Maureen Allyn - “With profits in such a tailspin, I'm revising down my capital expenditure outlook for the next six to nine months, and (I see) almost zero job growth for rest of this year.”
 Maureen Allyn - “Growth took them by surprise last year so I think this is paying back for all that growth we had last year.”
 Maureen Allyn - “There's a difference between being stable and starting to grow again. I think that's what we're hearing from companies, too - the worst may be over, but we really don't see the upside coming, and that's what these jobless claims suggest.”
 Maureen Allyn - “I'm surprised we're seeing this little amount of weekly claims because we keep hearing the announcements. There have to be more layoffs in the pipeline.”
 Maureen Allyn - “I think we are heading into the worst of it. Investors think there we're heading towards a recovery in the next six months and I hope that they are right, but I just don't see the valuations for a huge rally going forward.”
 Maureen Allyn - “Volatility should be expected. At some point, really low inflation is bad for earnings. If you can't raise prices you can't bring in the earnings Wall Street wants.”
 Maureen Allyn - “There's no inflation threat out there.”
 Maureen Allyn - “The Fed's not worried about inflation, nor should they be.”
 Maureen Allyn - “I have never thought that what a government wants its currency to do makes a hill of difference. What's holding the dollar up is a desire to put money here and a faith in Greenspan and Corporate America. That's all psychology, and it can turn on a dime.”
 Jennifer Allyn - “You have to set boundaries and say no. The biggest challenge with part-time work is that the work creeps to full time. Nobody else is going to manage that for you.”
 Maureen Allyn - “The price we have to pay for all this is someplace. Early in the century, we're going to see a real good old-fashioned panic of the kind we haven't seen in a long time.”
 Maureen Allyn - “We just don't see the wage pressures and I think the bond market is so happy because that means there really isn't any threat of inflation out there. Remember all those terrible surprises we used to get on Fridays It's about time the bond market got a good one.”
 Maureen Allyn - “The Fed has always said that they look at domestic considerations. We'll see today if they mean it. I don't really think they will raise rates, but if they do, it will cause tremendous market turmoil because no one in the market expects it.”
 Rob Allyn - “The image problems Alaska faces, and the global misconceptions of Alaska, are as great today as when Alaska was mislabeled Seward's Folly.”
 Rob Allyn - “Alaska has this enormous wealth in resources, but it's greatest wealth is it's image.”
 Maureen Allyn - “People may not be feeling all that good, but they are trying to cheer themselves up. They're not constrained yet, but I do think it is going to set in. The bear market has taken a big, big bite out of wealth, and history tells us when that happens people do sort of cut back.”
 Maureen Allyn - “The rest of the world is not in good shape and exporting to them is a tough slog.”
 Rob Allyn - “Don't worry, you can leave that to me. All I need you to do is get me there.”
 Maureen Allyn - “This is still very flat inflation. We do not have an inflationary worry.”
 Maureen Allyn - “We should see an upward revision to fourth-quarter GDP based on this trade number. But whatever it does to the GDP, it does not suggest that we're starting on a big roar of strength.”
 Maureen Allyn - “I am really concerned that one of these months we are going to get a bad inflation number. I think the markets have to be very nervous in front of these inflation numbers.”
 Maureen Allyn - “We're finding some footing, but the problem is, the job numbers are lagging. Even if we get economic growth, we're still going to see job losses. We're really at a very critical moment where we kind of have to start seeing a little bit of good news or the bad news starts piling up.”
 Maureen Allyn - “We're growing vigorously, and I think that the bond market is right to be a little bit concerned about this. It's not the data we've gotten, but the data we didn't get. We didn't get a slowdown in the second quarter. That, I think, is going to make the Fed very nervous.”
 Maureen Allyn - “This is kind of capping a string of fairly strong numbers, and I'm even going to have to boost my estimate of fourth quarter GDP up closer to 3 percent. We know the Fed is sitting on the edge of its seat. It's going to make everybody a bit nervous.”

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