My Favorite Quotes
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 Allyson Darnell - “My hope is to continue to grow as a couple. It still feels like we're on vacation sometimes.”
 Allyson Darnell - “I knew when I married him he was a neat freak. Our house is clean 24 hours a day.”
 Allyson Darnell - “I thought he was very handsome.”
 Allyson Darnell - “He's a couple of years older. I knew who he was, but that was about it.”
 Allyson Darnell - “He drove me home, and I remember sitting in my driveway for two hours in the middle of the night talking. My dad finally called me on my cell phone because my mother was worried about me.”
 Allyson Darnell - “I love coming home to my own home and husband and everything we have.”
 Allyson Darnell - “My parents weren't surprised. They saw it coming and love Chris.”