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 Jerry Palm - “It worked out pretty well. We're going to get one of the most anticipated games in quite a while.”
 Gerrit Zalm - “I am also delighted that a fully-fledged government will soon be in place once more,”
 Gerrit Zalm - “I think the final growth percentage for this year will start with a 1,”
 Jerry Palm - “It's a paper-thin margin. It's irrelevant, because Virginia Tech is not going to catch Southern Cal and they have a faint hope of catching Texas. Virginia Tech isn't going to catch Southern Cal before they (the Trojans) catch Texas.”
 Gerrit Zalm - “By my assessment, I am looking at an optimistic scenario whereby I hope the combination of the two biggest parties will lead to tackling of the problems,”
 Jerry Palm - “Votes like that hurt the credibility. Whether it's carelessness or ignorance, you can't have votes for Idaho. It only takes one guy voting for Idaho to ruin it for the rest of the 114.”
 Jerry Palm - “I've seen they were in the poll and couldn't understand why. They haven't done anything special.”
 Jerry Palm - “Texas played an opponent that is now 4-2. So that's going to help what has been a pretty weak strength of schedule so far.”
 Gerrit Zalm - “You can also be pessimistic and worry that there will be so many disagreements that nothing will come of it. Let us remain optimistic in that regard for the time being.”
 Jerry Palm - “Arizona in my bracket is a 10 seed because they haven't done anything against anybody who's worth a darn. Arizona might be a 16 RPI, but their tournament prospects aren't too good. Fortunately for them, their league stinks.”
 Jerry Palm - “They havent given a bid to a (team that finished) 3-7 in three years.”
 Gerrit Zalm - “is no longer a partner we can trust, and we want new elections, preferably as soon as possible. It's gone far enough with all this bickering. It's time to let the people speak.”
 Kendra Halm - “It was a shock. I didn't think I was that good. People said I had a lot of potential.”
 Jerry Palm - “There may not be any top 25 teams - but 26 through 40, six of them might be in that group. There's been an opportunity this year because of weaknesses in the major conferences, other than the Big East and Big Ten. It's just one of those things where all these (factors) came together at once.”
 Jerry Palm - “The battle for number three is a lot closer than the battle for number two right now.”
 Gerrit Zalm - “If it turns out they need the money after all, they just submit a new estimate,”
 Matt Malm - “I told our team that (South) is probably the best team in the state. We didn't play mistake-free, but we had a tremendous effort from our penalty-killing unit.”
 Jerry Palm - “You never want to be stuck in the middle, but I don't see them falling much further than that. They hurt themselves by losing two of their last three games, but their RPI is strong at 30 and they did a lot of great things this season.”
 Jerry Palm - “USC is in the middle of a lull in the schedule. Texas is about to hit a lull.”
 Jerry Palm - “What it means is that you can't simply trust conference records to be a method of evaluating teams in the same conference. Everybody in that league will get a chance to play some good teams at some point, but not all 8-8's are the same.”
 Matt Malm - “I told Eli that he may have make some saves that I wouldn't normally need him to make. I said that to win, he may have to come up bigger than normal.”
 Jerry Palm - “I think New Mexico has performed far too well to fall completely out, but the loss bumped them from about a six seed down to the middle of the bracket at eight or nine, where you're lucky to win one game, much less two.”
 Jerry Palm - “A win over Rutgers would have been a feather in their cap, but you can't have a loss to a team which you should beat.”
 Jerry Palm - “Vanderbilt's got two Top-25 RPI wins, over Old Dominion and Western Kentucky. That's more than a lot of teams. But Arkansas is a bad loss. All the teams that have beaten Vanderbilt are pretty good except Arkansas.”
 Jerry Palm - “The good thing for Pitt is that everyone will be taking on another loss in the last week of the season except for the conference champions.”

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