My Favorite Quotes
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 Jocelyn Almeida - “We did this after school because we don't want people to talk bad about us. We're here for our education and our future. If we're not going to school, what's the point of all this”
 Jocelyn Almeida - “My parents are from Mexico and when they came here they weren't legal. Now they are, but I still have family that isn't. It affects me personally that's why I got involved.”
 David Almeida - “For the most part, the deciding factor in whether or not parents do well is how able they are to understand that it's the illness, not the child, creating the chaos.”
 David Almeida - “It does seem as if she's gravitated to the more mainstream causes. These are easy, and from a political standpoint, no-brainers. While the families of people with mental illnesses are voters, many people with mental illnesses are not. That's not the same for people with cancer.”
 David Almeida - “Our concern is that that black-box warning might discourage parents from getting treatment for their children. We don't believe that antidepressants cause suicides all the evidence points to the fact that antidepressants do just the opposite.”
 David Almeida - “The gaming industry is notoriously paranoid. It was easier for me to be wearing a gun within an arm's reach of the president of the United States than get approval to carry a firearm in a casino.”