My Favorite Quotes
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 Joaquin Almunia - “I have asked (commission economists) to give me interim forecasts twice a year as well as the standard forecasts that we get twice a year.”
 Joaquin Almunia - “The European Commission has no legal power to avoid the enacting of some measures on a national level because this is not illegal,”
 Joaquin Almunia - “After the revision last year, I think from the political point of view the commission and the ministers have learned a lot about the importance of establishing good dialogue channels to avoid these kinds of conflicts.”
 Joaquin Almunia - “Throwing sand into the wheels of deeper international economic integration in order to reduce adjustment costs, as contemplated by some, is not an attractive option.”
 Joaquin Almunia - “Upon closer inspection many of the allegedly negative implications of rising international trade and investment for jobs, wages and living standards are belied by the evidence,”
 Joaquin Almunia - “I think everybody agrees that the Commission is enforcing competition rules with absolute independence.”
 Joaquin Almunia - “We think that enlargement from an economic point of view has been a clear success for the 10 new member states.”
 Joaquin Almunia - “Although the (European) Commission welcomes the renewed priority attached by the German government to budgetary consolidation, it is clear that the procedure needs to be stepped up to guarantee a lasting correction of the deficit.”